The apartments are located in a very quiet residential area in Vogelweiderstraße in the district of Geidorf.
GPS coordinates 47°05’13.3 “N15°25’55.0 “E

Information about the Graz parking service

Please note the tolerance time of 13 minutes to activate the parking ticket or to put it into the vehicle.

There’s parking fees in the blue parking zone from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 20.00, and Saturday 09.00 to 13.00, for a maximum of 3 hours.

The green zone starts at Theodor-Körner-Straße 120 (350m from the apartment) the daily ticket costs EUR 9,90.

Please ask for a free underground parking space when booking.

Holding Graz

Search for the BusBahnBim information and you will find the stop Carnerigasse. Lines 4, 5 and 62 will take you to the apartments.


One of the fastest ways to get from A to B in Graz is definitely the cab. Think of our good air and order an e-taxi at the normal Graz cab rate.

Airport Graz

Graz Airport is located 9 km south of the center and is very easy to reach by bus from the main train station or Jakominiplatz. Or you can order a cab, the fare will be about 30,00 Euro.

Main Station Graz

We recommend that you arrive by public transport. You can get from the main station to the apartments with the city bus 58 and further with the BIM No. 4 to Carnerigasse.